Nassos Kranidiotis
Welcome to a bit of my life

Here are some WPF C# apps I have created for the purpose of my job. I've used the Microsoft Visual Studio as my main programming tool.

Alpha Suite is a set of individual programs that work together under a unified scheme based on Microsoft SQL Server. Alpha Group has been developed as supporting software system including Customers, Prices and Orders. The project is using the latest .NET Framework and it is developed in C# with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) scheme. Current customers of Alpha Group are Eurocom RS LTD, Selogem Investments LTD and Comstrat Industrial LTD.

EasyBackup is exactly what its name reveals: an application for creating and saving backups. One can order backups from file system folder, MySQL database or Microsoft SQL Server database. Scheduled backups and backup compression is also an option. Developing languase is C# under .NET Framework with WPF scheme.  Some customers of EasyBackup were Pink Woman,  Giannelli, etc.

NKM Management Solution is an ERP system developed for the company N.K.M. LTD.  The application offers a lot of options for managing a customer base and warehouse stock. Some of its capabiliites are: full customer database, full product database, customer logs, product logs, prices, supplier invoices, customer invoices, payments, credit notes, debt management, inventory procedures, notifications of outstanding events, auto-updated via internet, etc. The application is developed in .NET Framework 4.0 using C# Windows Forms with Microsoft SQL Server.

RefillShelves is an application add-on for FutureSoft ERP software. The add-on extends the capabilities of the base program by previewing the current sales in a single screen together with the available stock. Refilling was never too easy! The add-on  is based on WPF C# language under .NET Framework and communicates with Microsoft SQL Server.